We have many clients who are also business owners who own the property or properties of their businesses. As a result, we also have a dedicated team who are specialized in dealing with commercial real estate transactions.

Whether you are looking into purchasing a new commercial property or refinancing an existing commercial property, we have built great relationships with private institutions to offer our clients exceptional loan terms that are not readily available in the commercial market.

Depending on the loan terms that you are seeking as well as to the speed of the transaction needed for your commercial property, you would want to consider private lending portfolio programs which often times offer much superior and quicker closes. In addition, the loan terms that are offered among private portfolio lending are often more flexible. If timing is not as much of importance, the government sponsored SBA loans offer great interest rates and loan terms that suits the needs of most borrowers.

If refinancing an existing commercial property and there is equity on your property, cash out options are available. Please contact us for further details.

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